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Boutique Hotel Sonrisa reserves the right to increase or decrease the prices of accommodation at any time. The price of your stay will be confirmed at the time of booking. Room rates exclude facility charges.

Booking and Payments

Bookings at Boutique Hotel Sonrisa may be made only by using the booking engine on our website or by calling the hotel directly. Alternatively, reservations can be made through one of the major booking channels such as and Expedia. 

Cancellation Policies

Boutique Hotel Sonrisa has decided to be as flexible as possible at this time with respect to our cancellation policy for new reservations. We decided to implement this change, because neither hotel guests nor the hotel can influence this crisis. As a result, your reservation can be cancelled free of charge at any time.

Non-Availability of Accommodations

We will only cancel your booking if your accommodation is unavailable for reasons beyond our control. If we need to cancel your room more than 5 days prior to your arrival, all payments made will be refunded to your account. Our liability will not extend beyond this refund.


Your accommodation will be available to you from 3:00 PM on the day of arrival unless otherwise arranged in advance. We may not be able to accommodate you if you arrive earlier than the official check-in time, as we will be preparing your room.


Check-out time is 11:00 AM on the day of your departure. Please be ready to vacate your room at that time, unless otherwise arranged in advance.

Acceptance of Children

Our premises are not suitable for small children. However, we do welcome children ten years and older, provided they are supervised by their parents or legal guardians.


All rooms, hallways, and the breakfast area are non-smoking areas. Smoking is allowed on the pool deck and in the garden.


Pets are not permitted on the premises.


Breakfast is served from 07:30 AM till 09:30 AM.

Damages and Breakages

Boutique Hotel Sonrisa appreciates you taking care when you are staying at our property.  You are responsible and liable for any breakages or damages, which you or your visitors cause, to the accommodations or its contents. We require you to report any incidents as soon as possible. There is normally not a charge for minor breakages, but if the damage is significant, Boutique Hotel Sonrisa reserves the right to collect reimbursement.  If the damage is not reported, there is an additional fee of $50.00 per incident, in addition to the reimbursement for any significant damages.

Interruption of Third-Party Services

Bonaire is a small island with a good infrastructure.  However, brief interruptions in third-party services such as water, electricity or internet can occur.  While we understand these interruptions are inconvenient and may be frustrating, we do not have any control over them, and we cannot be held liable for any matters arising from the interruption of these services.

Additional Cleaning Expenses

You are responsible for leaving the room in a reasonably clean condition. In the unlikely event that we experience additional cleaning costs, we may require reimbursement.


We do not accept liability for damage, loss of or injury to any member of your party or any vehicle or possession unless proven to be caused by a negligent act by Boutique Hotel Sonrisa, our employees or contractors whilst acting in the course of their employment.

Privacy Policy

Any data collected through bookings will be stored on our computer(s) and/or in our personal filing system. With your permission, we may from time to time contact you about promotions. If you prefer not to receive these notices, please let us know. We will never share your name, email address or other details of your reservation with any third party.

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