Flights from Miami to Bonaire commence in June 2018.

The flight service will begin on June 9, 2018, and American will utilize an Airbus A319 aircraft with 128 seats to operate the roundtrip service on Saturdays. The flights have been added to American’s reservation system, and are now available for booking.

This new weekly rotation from Miami will not only make it easier to get to Bonaire from North America but from Brazil as well. American Airlines will create special through-fares from gateways in Brazil, to facilitate Brazilian divers and leisure tourists in getting to Bonaire.

Do be aware that the flight service will be seasonal, and therefore, it can be adjusted as demand fluctuates.  Check with American Airlines to view availability.

Planned flight schedule.

The planned flight schedule for Saturdays is as follows:

  • The AA flight will depart Miami at 12:05 PM, arriving on Bonaire at 3:13 PM.
  • The return flight will depart Bonaire at 4:05 PM, arriving in Miami at 7:15 PM.