Welcome, Bon Bini, Sunwing!

It was only two weeks ago when everyone gathered at Bonaire’s Flamingo Airport to welcome the first flight of Aruba Airlines. Now, it was like deja vu when yesterday Sunwing arrived on their inaugural flight from Toronto, Canada, commencing round-trip flights each week during the busy winter season.

The first Sunwing flight arrives amid fanfare.

With the anticipation mounting, press and the hoteliers, who worked diligently to initiate the flights, were escorted out to the tarmac. Within minutes, Sunwing appeared out of the western sky, bolting out of the sun! The plane, piloted by Captain Chris Lewis, lightly touched down and taxied to the end of the runway. It made its turn and began the taxi back to a very warm welcome!

Flamingo Airport and Bonaire’s fire department were ready with a water cannon salute. Ground handlers got the plane quickly parked and Sunwing’s first Bonaire-bound passengers were on their way down the steps. It was clear the convivial ambiance had already begun on the plane! Who wouldn’t want to begin their Bonaire vacation by boarding a plane painted with turquoise waters glinting sunlight with a snorkeler enjoying the water?